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Introducing the service life of blow molding die gearboxes

Low back pressure is guaranteed to effectively extend the service life of the extrusion system and the gear box of the blow molding mold. The multi-cavity die head has reasonable distribution of each flow channel and the flow rate can be easily adjusted. Yixuan blow molding machine adopts Austrian Berger microcomputer system, integrated control, the machine temperature, speed, time can be directly displayed, free adjustment through the panel with 10.4 TFT true color operation screen, accurate and clear display, parameter storage, adjustment more quickly system built-in 100 points type blank wall thickness controller, accurate control, product wall thickness uniformity, can effectively save raw materials, blow molding machine machine failure, can automatically The machine failure of the blow molding machine can be automatically diagnosed and alarmed, and the operation screen of the blow molding machine is directly displayed, and the Ethernet remote diagnosis can correct the wrong parameters. At the same time, the blow molding die adopts double layer extruder, the outer layer 20% new material, the inner layer 80% back material, this technology greatly saves the processing cost.

In addition, the blow molding die is driven by servo variable speed pump imported from Germany, which is energy-saving, efficient and easy to maintain. The control system adopts the imported Austrian panel, which ensures the convenience of operation and advanced technology of this machine. The extrusion system, based on the precise die runner design, adopts the unique heart-shaped runner of multi-layer co-extrusion die head, in which all types of die heads can increase the liquid level line design, the extrusion volume is high, making the product weight stable and at the same time ensuring uniform plasticization. The die head system is equipped with foreign advanced gear box, which has smooth operation and long life. The distribution of each flow channel of the die head is reasonable, the flow rate can be adjusted by itself, the wall thickness of the mold is even, and the color change is faster and more convenient. The blow molding mold clamping force has a solid structure, which makes the mold evenly stressed, thus making the finished product more perfect, without affecting the mold breakage.

About optional accessories series, to meet the needs of customers, such as the configuration of the product robot, servo motor drive, reasonable layout to effectively reduce labor costs, automatic deblown, multi-layer co-extrusion die head, in-mold labeling, etc., can meet the various requirements of customers to customize.