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How is the blow molding equipment processed?

The latter is the injection of molten plastic from the injection machine into the mold to form the billet, open the mold after the billet to stay on the core mold, and then close the blow molding mold while hot, from the core mold original set channel blowing into the compressed air to make the billet blowing, so that it is close to the cavity wall of the blow molding equipment, pressure cooling molding. It and synthetic rubber, synthetic fibers formed today's daily life can not be deprived of three nights of synthetic materials.

And plastic blow molding is one of the primary means of producing plastic products, blow molding parts imply the following significant features: blow molding products are increasingly widely used blow molding products are commonly used in bottles, barrels, cans, boxes and all packaging food, beverages, cosmetics, drugs and daily necessities containers. The common method is to open the exhaust groove at the parting surface. (86mpa) so blow molding equipment hollow blow molding machine to withstand the pressure is not too night, the temperature of the plastic pipe billet is also not high.

Extruder auxiliary equipment are the material before the processing equipment (such as material conveying and drying), extrudate processing equipment (shaping, cooling, traction, cutting material or roll roll) and production premise control equipment and other three categories. However, until now these systems are still in the trial stage and have not yet been applied in production.

According to the mathematical model of the surface used, surface reconstruction is divided into function surface instances, implicit function surface instances, triangular mesh model instances, triangular bezier surface instances, and nurbs surface instances. For example, the mold assembly design expert system launched by the British delcam company for mold manufacturing can automatically demonstrate the mold structure and core extraction mechanism for complex injection molds and blow molding molds, automatically generate the parting surface, and the processing information is automatically encapsulated and can be directly output to automatically generate the processing rails. Excellent chemical invariance The vast majority of plastics have excellent resistance to erosion of acids, alkalis and other chemicals.